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For three decades, Sheila E. has been a dynamic and influential musician—moving and entertaining others as a percussionist, singer, songwriter, and more. Since debuting in \with her first solo album, The Glamorous Life, Sheila has continued to evolve as a musical icon and inspirational figure. Rediscover your favorite hits or jam out to Sheila’s latest tracks below.

Sheila E - World Famous Drummer Sheila E




Sheila E.'s Icon (2013)


The latest musical project by Sheila E., Icon, fuses pop, R&B, rock, Latin, and jazz sounds to create a unique style. Get your copy today!

Song Length
Butterfly 1:17 $0.99 Add to cart
Mona Lisa (feat. Lucia Parker & Gisa Vatcky) 5:08 $0.99 Add to cart
Fiesta (feat. B. Slade) 4:55 $0.99 Add to cart
Lovely Day 4:02 $0.99 Add to cart
I’ll Give You That 4:20 $0.99 Add to cart
Who I Am Now 4:09 $0.99 Add to cart
Leader of the Band (feat. Prince & The E Family) 4:37 $0.99 Add to cart
RockStar (feat. Bobby G.) 4:00 $0.99 Add to cart
Nasty Thang (feat. MC Lyte) 3:25 $0.99 Add to cart
Don’t Make Me 4:10 $0.99 Add to cart
Old Skool (feat. Eddie M. & J.A.I. “Tha Profit”) 4:28 $0.99 Add to cart
Turn It Around 0:33 $0.99 Add to cart
Girl Like Me (feat. Ledisi) 4:09 $0.99 Add to cart
Born and Raised 0:40 $0.99 Add to cart
Oakland N Da House (feat. Eddie M.) 5:08 $0.99 Add to cart
Now Is the Hour (feat. Moms Escovedo) 0:53 $0.99 Add to cart