Tour Dates

Sheila E. is a dynamic performer and musical icon, who has been captivating audiences of all ages for decades. The Grammy-nominated and multi-talented singer, songwriter, and percussionist lives and breathes music. More than 50 years after she first picked up a set of drumsticks, Sheila is still entertaining and inspiring people around the world through her music.

Sheila E. Tour Dates

Having recently released her seventh solo studio album, Sheila E. is still sharing her passion and talents with people of all ages. In the coming months, you can find Sheila at performances of all shapes and sizes across the country and overseas. When you attend one of Sheila E.’s tour dates, you’ll be able to experience her music exactly as it’s supposed to be experienced. Upcoming performances include jazz festivals, solo concerts, a Latin cruise through the Caribbean, and more. Click below to see tour dates and get your tickets for a show in your area!

Drum Like Sheila E.

Have you ever wanted to play a drum solo or create a beat like Sheila E.? Now you can! Through Sheila’s online drum tutorials, you can expand your knowledge of percussion instruments, learn basic techniques, and improve upon your existing skills like never before. With instructional videos for any skill level, you can learn how to jam along with Sheila E.! Click below to learn more about the lessons, and subscribe to the tutorials for unlimited access to all of the drum videos.

Drum Tutorials