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For decades, Sheila E. has been a powerful force in the music world (and the real world). As a singer, songwriter, and percussionist, Sheila delivers a performance like nothing else each time she hits the stage. An honest, inspirational figure, Sheila connects with people of all ages through her music and presence. If you have the opportunity to see her in concert, grab your friends and family and get in line!

Sheila E. Concert Schedule

Sheila E. has been performing across the globe for decades, entertaining and inspiring people with her vast array of musical abilities. As a multi-talented musical icon and passionate performer, Sheila E. is able to captivate people of all ages through her music. Weaving in songs from her seven studio albums, improvised drum solos, and more into each concert, Sheila E. truly delivers. You’ll experience her music and personality in a lively, uplifting atmosphere. Get your tickets and merchandise below, and join Sheila at a concert near you!

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We’ve made it easy for anyone to learn how to drum like a professional. Through the Sheila E. drum tutorials, you’ll have online access to videos that can help you become the drummer you’ve always wanted to be. Videos include tutorials for beginners and seasoned drummers, alike. No matter where you’re starting, you can improve upon your existing skillset to drum like a pro. Get some more information on the tutorials and subscribe below.

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