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Ever since performing her first drum solo at the age of 5, Sheila E. has been putting on concerts like no one else. With passion for music and for reaching others, Sheila can easily entertain and inspire those around her. If you’ve listened to Sheila’s music but haven’t had the opportunity to see her in concert, you’re not getting the full experience. Find out when Sheila is coming to your city and pick up your tickets and concert merchandise right here.

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Throughout her years in music, Sheila E. has released 7 studio albums, collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, and earned a name for herself as a dynamic performer and person. Sheila’s songs, music videos, drum sessions, and performances are like nothing else out there. By listening to her music, watching her videos, or attending a concert, you can experience it all for yourself.Get a closer look at some of her performances, behind-the-scenes features, and more on Sheila’s official site. Click below to see all of her upcoming tour dates, view photos of Sheila, and purchase tickets to a show near you!

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Want to learn new drum techniques or rock a drum solo like one of the greats? With the help of Sheila E. and her online drum tutorials, now you can! Right here, on Sheila’s official website, you’ll find drum lessons for beginners and seasoned drummers, alike. Whether you want to build upon your existing skills or start from scratch, Sheila’s drum tutorials are the way to go. Learn more about the different videos available and subscribe below to get started.

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