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For three decades, Sheila E. has been a dynamic and influential musician—moving and entertaining others as a percussionist, singer, songwriter, and more. Since debuting in \with her first solo album, The Glamorous Life, Sheila has continued to evolve as a musical icon and inspirational figure. Rediscover your favorite hits or jam out to Sheila’s latest tracks below.

New Sheila E. Single


“Girl Meets Boy”

Inspired by recent loss, Sheila E. tells the story of the first time she met longtime collaborator and former fiancé Prince in her newest single.

In awareness of the incredible response to the “Girl Meets Boy” song and video, we at Stiletto Flats recognize the need of so many millions to heal. As our gift of love, appreciation, and empathy with you, we ask that you please accept the work to download and listen to, to help with our healing process.

Sheila E. (Writer/Performance)
Mychael Gabriel (Writer)
Brent Fisher (String Composer)
Peter Michael Escovedo (Video Director)

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“Girl Meets Boy”

Written by Sheila E. & Mychael Gabriel

I was just a girl
And when I saw your face
You were just a boy

But you rocked my world
And deep inside
I know that I did the same

I let your love rain down on me
I let you love rain on me

A memory we’ll cherish
Or is this a dream?
I don’t wanna wake up
I wanna be with you
Welcome to my world

When you left – it rained down on me
When you left – it rained on me

You were just a boy
And when you saw my face
I was just a girl

But I rocked your world
And somewhere deep inside
You know you did the same

Just a boy
I was just a girl
Just a boy
Just a girl

I let your love
Rain on me
I let your love
Rain on me

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The latest musical project by Sheila E., Icon, fuses pop, R&B, rock, Latin, and jazz sounds to create a unique style. Get your copy today!

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Song Length  
Butterfly 1:17

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Mona Lisa (feat. Lucia Parker & Gisa Vatcky) 5:08

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Fiesta (feat. B. Slade) 4:55

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Lovely Day 4:02

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I’ll Give You That 4:20

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Who I Am Now 4:09

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Leader of the Band (feat. Prince & The E Family) 4:37

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RockStar (feat. Bobby G.) 4:00

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Nasty Thang (feat. MC Lyte) 3:25

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Don’t Make Me 4:10

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Old Skool (feat. Eddie M. & J.A.I. “Tha Profit”) 4:28

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Turn It Around 0:33

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Girl Like Me (feat. Ledisi) 4:09

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Born and Raised 0:40

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Oakland N Da House (feat. Eddie M.) 5:08

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Now Is the Hour (feat. Moms Escovedo) 0:53

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Sheila E.’s Musical Evolution

Consistently driven by her inner rhythm and soul, Sheila E. has been creating music since before she could speak. She grew up surrounded by powerful musical influences in genres of Latin jazz, R&B, funk, pop, and more. As a young child, she learned from and jammed with father Pete Escovedo; uncles Coke, Alejandro, and Mario; and godfather Tito Puente. With endless access to music, it wasn’t long before Sheila was able to create a style all her own and start influencing others, herself. Over the years, Sheila has developed as a drummer, singer, songwriter, and well-rounded musician—touring with her father, playing in local bands, and pursuing her passion however possible.

In 1984, Sheila’s career took off, with the release of her first solo album, The Glamorous Life. Since its debut, Sheila has continued to grow as an artist, performer, and public figure. And her music catalog serves as an example of that evolution. Each one of her albums gives you a glimpse into a different era in Sheila’s life as she weaves her heart and soul into the various styles and genres in which she excels. Because of her passion, Sheila’s music is just as powerful now as it was decades ago.  

Group Of Friends At Evening Concert For Sheila E

Other Musical Highlights

For decades, Sheila E. has entertained and inspired people of all ages through her music. In addition to recording albums, she’s performed on various shows and specials, collaborated with musical legends like Ringo Starr and Lionel Richie, and more. Throughout her dynamic career, Sheila has lent her musical talents to a number of movies and TV shows, via performances or soundtrack features. Her credits include Protocol (1984), Miami Vice (1985), Krush Groove (1985), The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990), and Chasing Papi (2003).

See Sheila E. Live

Having played in front of a crowd for the first time at the age of 5, Sheila E. is a born performer. Whether she’s singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, Sheila pours herself into every performance—creating a unique and exciting experience for concertgoers every time. Nothing compares to the rush you’ll get from seeing Sheila in her element as she shares her passion and greatest hits with you. Join Sheila on her upcoming tour to experience her music exactly how it’s supposed to be felt, heard, and enjoyed. Find out when she’ll be performing near you below!

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