Elevate Oakland

Elevate Oakland

A collaboration between the Elevate Oakland Foundation and 51Oakland, Elevate Oakland strives to provide equal access to arts and music education for students in Oakland’s public schools. By creating or strengthening existing programs, Elevate Oakland is providing opportunities to students to help them succeed both in and out of school. The foundation’s mission is to elevate self-esteem, increase attendance in schools, and improve academic achievement through these programs.

Sheila E.’s Personal Connection to Elevate Oakland

Born and raised in Oakland, Sheila E. has a special connection to Elevate Oakland. She understands some of the unique struggles affecting children in the Bay Area as well as the healing power of music and the arts. Having experienced these healing powers for herself, Sheila and Elevate Oakland are dedicated to putting music and arts back into the Bay Area. Just as Sheila was able to channel her pain into a creative outlet, children in Oakland—especially those who have been abused or neglected—deserve to be given the same opportunities to heal and grow.

Support Elevate Oakland

By supporting Elevate Oakland, you’re helping to further their mission to fund special programs and services to ensure that music and the arts remain in our schools. You can provide support in the form of monetary donations or in-kind donations. In-kind donations include musical instruments or any other items that can help benefit the immediate needs of children involved in Elevate Oakland’s programs. To learn more about the history of Elevate Oakland or how to get involved, visit their site below.

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