Sheila Escovedo

For the past 5 decades, Sheila Escovedo (better known as Sheila E.) has been driven by rhythm and music. A world-renowned drummer, singer, songwriter, author, humanitarian, and so much more—Sheila has always followed the beat of her own drum. Whether she’s playing a drum set, speaking in front of a crowd, writing, or singing, Sheila puts her heart and soul into everything she does.

Sheila E. Today

Sheila E. has been entertaining and inspiring others for decades, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. In the past couple of years, Sheila has released a new album—Icon, published a memoir on her life and career—The Beat of My Own Drum, toured the world as a speaker and performer, and continued to support those in need through her humanitarian efforts. With upcoming projects including online drum tutorials and a musical cruise through the Bahamas, Sheila E. is continuing to connect with people of all ages across the globe through music.

Drum Like Sheila E.

Do you want the opportunity to learn how to play drums like a pro from one of the best of all time? Having performed her first drum solo at the age of 5, Sheila E. has been making her mark on music for years. Now, you can learn how to drum like Sheila E. through her online drum tutorials. Through a series of videos, you’ll get an introduction to basic percussion skills, genre-specific tips & tricks, and advice on nailing the perfect drum solo.

Drum Tutorials