After being abused by a family friend as a toddler, Sheila E. found solace in music. Listening to, playing, and being absorbed by music helped Sheila move past the feeling of pain, guilt, shame, and confusion. Years later, Sheila realized just how powerful music could be in the healing process and since then has helped others overcome hardships through the same force.

Musical Icon and Inspirationalist. Sheila E.

Sheila E. is a musical icon—best known for her drumming and singing—but she’s also an inspirationalist. In 2001, Sheila co-founded the Elevate Hope Foundation, followed by the similar organization, Elevate Oakland. Each of these organizations provides support and alternative therapy to children in need through arts and music education. Similarly, Sheila also reaches people of all ages through speaking engagements and ministry—using her experiences and musical gifts to help those who need healing. Experience the healing power of music for yourself by attending a Sheila E. show in your area!

Drum Like Sheila E.

Best known as one of the most talented and influential drummers of all time, Sheila E. is unlike any other. If you are interested in improving your drumming skills or learning how to drum, there’s no better instructor than Sheila E. Through her online drum tutorials, you can learn everything from the basics of holding your drumsticks to how to rock your next drum solo. Learn more about how to become a great drummer and subscribe to Sheila E.’s tutorials below.

Drum Tutorials