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The Healing Power of Music

As a young child, Sheila E. learned how fulfilling it could be to help others less fortunate than she. Though she had limited resources, she was inspired by her parents to use what she had to help others. Sometimes, these were tangible resources—like funds raised for the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon when she was a child. Other times, these were intangible resources—like emotional support for those who just needed a friend. One resource, in particular, has proved to be an extremely powerful tool in Sheila’s life: music.

Early in her career, Sheila was able to realize the healing and life-changing effect of music. Having endured unfathomable abuse from a young age, Sheila found solace in music—and continues to overcome hardships through this art form. Combining her passion for inspiring, healing, and supporting others with her love of music, Sheila has formed and continues to support various humanitarian and ministry efforts. Learn more about some of the ways Sheila is helping others heal and grow through the power of music.

Elevate Hope Foundation

The Elevate Hope Foundation, which was co-founded by Sheila E. in 2001, provides alternative therapy and support to abused and abandoned children by supporting programs involving music and the arts.

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Elevate Oakland

A collaboration between The Elevate Hope Foundation and 51Oakland, Elevate Oakland is dedicated to improving academic achievement and elevating self-esteem by providing arts and music education resources to Oakland public schools.

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Driven by family, faith, and music, Sheila E. seeks to encourage, inspire, and bless people around the world. By sharing her book, abuse, and music with others, she’s creating a ministry that allows her to be a light in the life of others around her.

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