Sheila E. is many things: a percussionist, singer, songwriter, mentor, humanitarian. In 2014, she added published author to the list with the release of her memoir, The Beat of My Own Drum. An exciting, inspiring, and heartbreaking look into her life and career, the memoir explores decades of growth in Sheila’s life.

Sheila E. Book

The Beat of My Own Drum is a detailed recollection of some of the most influential moments in Sheila E.’s life and career. From her first big moment on stage at the age of 5, to meeting Prince for the first time, to creating her first album, to all of the tears and heartbreak in between—Sheila talks about it all. Honest and personal, The Beat of My Own Drum is a unique look into this musical icon’s life and career and a testament to the power of music in one’s life as well. Fans of all ages will love getting an insider look into Sheila’s life through her memoir. Get to know Sheila by grabbing a ticket to her next show or buying her book below!



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Calling all drummers! If you have an interest in expanding your drum skills—whether you’re a beginner or more experienced—you now have the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry. Through a series of instruction videos, Sheila E. can help you learn the techniques and skills you need to become a great drummer. Learn more about the tutorials and subscribe below.

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