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Elevate Hope Foundation

Elevate Hope Foundation

Setting out to provide care and support for abused and abandoned children, Sheila E. co-founded the Elevate Hope Foundation (EHF) in 2001. Centered around Los Angeles, EHF provides alternative therapy to abused and abandoned children through programs involving music and the arts. Funds raised by EHF help support special services and programs that use these fundamental methods to help children.

Sheila E.’s Personal Connection to the Foundation

Sheila E. has experienced, firsthand, how powerful of a tool music can be in the healing process. Sexually abused at the age of five, Sheila has relied on music to help her deal with the pain, confusion, and shame associated with her childhood experience. Music has continued to help her express her pain in a constructive way over the years. Realizing that exposure to music and the arts could truly be a life-changing experience for many, Sheila launched EHF to assist others in finding ways to express their pain and work toward enjoying a new life.

Support the Elevate Hope Foundation

Funds raised through EHF go toward helping abused, neglected, or special needs children through experimental creative classes. Currently, EHF supports Vista Del Mar’s Arts Enrichment Program, which offers classes in various arts disciplines like acting, dancing, songwriting, photography, and more. Each class is designed to provide children with an outlet for creative expression, an increase in self-confidence, and an opportunity to improve their skills. If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved with EHF, visit their website below.